session fees

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W e keep our fees lower than the APS recommended rates for clinical psychologists in order to keep therapy accessible for people.


Our fees are reflective of our specialised qualifications, our seniority and our experience.

The session fee covers a standard 50 minute therapy session, and sessions that extend beyond 60 minutes may incur additional costs.

Our fees in 2024 are:

Individual $267

Couples $305


Full payment for the session is due on the day of consultation.


We will process payment against the card on file at the conclusion of your session.

If you are claiming Medicare rebates, we will submit your Medicare claim on your behalf and Medicare will pay the rebate into your bank account within 24-48 hours.


We are not a bulk-billing practice and there will be an out of pocket cost to see us.


See the Medicare tabs below for more information about Medicare rebates.

NOTE: to work out your out of pocket cost take the current BMD session fee and minus the current Medicare rebate amount, the leftover amount will be your out-of-pocket fee.


You do NOT need a referral to see us.

You can attend as a private client without a referral if you prefer to keep Medicare out of it altogether, or during the period between using all your maximum rebated sessions for the calendar year and your next allotted rebated sessions becoming accessible again.

See the tab about private clients in the Medicare section for more details.


Use the tabs MH Plan, Referral, Rebates and Private (on the right) to see information about Medicare for psychology sessions.

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We are registered Medicare providers so you are able to receive Medicare rebates towards the cost of your sessions, if you are eligible and choose to do so.

MH Treatment Plan

To access rebates you will need to be eligible for a MH Treatment Plan from your GP.


Most psychological conditions and issues are eligible, although relationship therapy is not*.

* While Medicare has opted not to cover relationship therapy, each individual person is covered for the problems that result as a consequence of the difficulties in the relationship. Psychologists can make a clinical decision to see the parties together in such cases because the issues the person(s) are referred for occur within the context of the relationship.


Once you have a plan, your GP can write multiple referrals against this plan while you remain eligible. Each referral renews permission for you to receive rebates for a set amount of sessions, at the end of which you need to see the GP for the next new referral.

*See the Referrals tab for more details.


Referrals are written by your GP.

Maximum Sessions Per Referral 

GPs can approve a maximum of 6 sessions per referral, on every referral they write for you. There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can receive against your MH treatment plan. Sometimes GPs approve less than 6 sessions, in which case you will need to go back to the GP earlier to get a new referral if you want to continue receiving rebates for your sessions.

GP Updates

Medicare requires that an update is provided to the referring GP when a client is accessing Medicare rebates for their sessions. BMD also sends a brief acknowledgment of new GP referrals as a courtesy.

Renewing Your Referral

BMD tracks the number of sessions you have used against your current referral, as well as how many rebated sessions you have used to date in the current calendar year.

When you have used all approved (usually 6) sessions on your current referral, we will let you now that you need to go back to a GP to request a new referral* if you wish to continue receiving Medicare rebates towards your session fees.

* Once you have been rebated for 10 sessions in a calendar year, you will not receive further rebates from Medicare until a new calendar year begins, even if you have further unused sessions on your current referral.

Referral Expiry

Referrals do not expire.

This means that if you have reached your max 10 rebated sessions in a calendar year (for example by getting one referral for 6 sessions and using that up, then getting another referral for 6 sessions, and having used 4 of these 6) and you cannot use the remaining 2 sessions on your latest referral until the next calendar year starts, that’s OK. You can pick up where you left off and use the remaining 2 sessions on this referral after 01 January of the new calendar year to restart your rebates without needing to see your GP first.

You can do this even if you don’t access the unused sessions on your most recent referral for months or years. When you do decide to access rebated sessions again, you are entitled to use any unused sessions on your most recent referral before needing to get a new referral from your GP.


The Medicare rebate amount usually increases a small amount each year on 01 July.

Current Rebate

For the current 01 July to 30 June period the maximum rebate for a session of 50+ minutes is:

$141.85 for clinical psychologists

This calendar year the federal government has restricted the maximum number of times you can receive this rebate to 10 times in total. We will submit the claim on your behalf at the time we process your session payment and you don’t need to do anything. Medicare pays the rebate directly to your bank account within 24-48 hours of your session.

Maximum Rebates Reached

We will let you know when you have used all of your allowed rebates for the calendar year. You are welcome to continue your therapy as a private client until you are able to access rebates again from 01 January of the next calendar year.

Correct Details With BMD & Medicare

It’s important to ensure Medicare has your correct bank account details for depositing your rebate, you can set this up using the Medicare link in MyGov or by contacting Medicare directly.

It’s also important we have the same address, name and DOB as Medicare has for you, otherwise any claims we submit on your behalf will be rejected by Medicare.

Medicare & Private Health Claims

Note that you cannot claim both Medicare rebates and private health insurance reimbursement for the same session.


You do not need a referral to see us.


Voluntary Private Status

Some clients prefer to keep their GP and/or Medicare out of their therapy arrangements, and opt to see us as private clients.

As a private client you do not need approval or a referral from anyone and we do not need to let anyone know you are seeing us*.

* Unless we are required to act on our duty of care in regard to risk or comply with legal requirements to disclose information.

Private clients pay the full session fee on the day of consultation like all other clients, but do not receive a rebate from Medicare towards the fee.

Private Health Reimbursement

Private clients may be able to claim reimbursement for their sessions on their private health policy, if they have psychology cover. We include the correct item code number on non-Medicare session invoices to make this easier for you if you choose to do this.

Note that you cannot claim both Medicare rebates and private health insurance reimbursement for the same session.

Temporary Private Status

You may only become a private client for short stints during your therapy to manage the periods between using all your rebated sessions up and your new allotment of rebated sessions becoming available on 01 January of the following year.

This is quite common, and we are used to managing this at the practice.

cancellation fees

Use the tabs Policy, Fee and Payment (on the right) to see information about our cancellation policy.

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We charge a fee for late cancellations at BMD to mitigate the significant financial and scheduling burden late cancellations create for the practice.

We define a late cancellation as a cancellation made within 24 hours of the scheduled session.

We do not charge for cancellations made earlier than this.

To keep things simple and apply the policy with consistency and fairness the cancellation fee is charged irrespective of the cancellation reason and applies to all sessions, including the very first session.


The cancellation fee is currently set to 75% of the standard fee for the booked session.


For individual sessions the cancellation fee in 2023 is:  $200.

For couples sessions the cancellation fee in 2023 is: $228.


The cancellation fee is automatically charged against the card on file by our practice management system on the day of the scheduled session.

The system sends both a receipt and an SMS message to advise clients when the cancellation fee has been charged.